Monday, 4 February 2013

A simple diet

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to food prep. Usually because I'm rushing in the door and I'm hungry NOW. And that's why I love eating the way I do, because food prep is unbelievably quick. Sometimes even as quick as peeling a banana or biting into a nectarine.

I do occasionally make more complex foods. But "complex" is a relative term - I have no desire to slave over a stove for half an hour, just to have something to eat. And I don't have the patience for some of the gourmet raw food recipes that require a million ingredients and three days of dehydrator time.

So here's a super quick recipe for raw spaghetti that takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Ingredients are deliberately vague - the great thing about raw recipes is that precise amounts of ingredients are not needed for things to taste delicious. You can adjust ingredients depending on taste and availability.

Enough rambling. Here's a recipe and a crappy phone pic.

Ingredients for pasta:
1 zucchini spiralised
Few squeezes of lemon juice

Ingredients for sauce:
1 tomato
About 1/4 small bell pepper
Small stick of celery
Couple pieces sun dried tomatoes
1 date
A small chilli pepper (optional)
Basil & oregano to taste

Basically, soften the zucchini with the lemon juice (takes only a few minutes, I do this first and allow to soften whilst making the sauce). Blend half of the tomato and the rest of the sauce ingredients until chunky. Dice remaining tomato and mix into sauce. Pour onto zucchini noodles immediately before serving.

This recipe was for one person, since everyone else at my house eats cooked food. And, I recommend having a large serving of fruit as a starter, because this pasta is extremely low in calories. I ate about a kilogram of grapes, an hour before eating this meal.

Super low fat, and super high in nutrients. I don't get pasta cravings anymore, that's for sure!! 

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